Hello Again

I started a new Type 1 diabetes blog,  called MyT1Diabetes last year, but over the past few weeks, I took a little break from blogging so I could create a website and move everything over to this new web address.  So, welcome to it!

Hello, Again…Hello! How can I NOT comment on the above video?! Whoa.  Neil Diamond in some movie called “The Jazz Singer”, which I’m going to have to get my hands on soon.  It looks sort of amazing. In a funny kind of way. But I digress….

Back to the new website. The name of my blog is still the same~ “My T1 Diabetes”, with just a slight change of address. And my intentions here are still the same, which is simply to share everything I know about  My Type 1 Diabetes (yours maybe slightly varied!), having lived with it for over 20 years.  And to write an honest but hopefully upbeat account on the day to day minutiae of my diabetes,and how I choose to see it as a positive thing my life.

Things might look just a bit wonky around here for a while.  I will work hard to get all the kinks worked out, but mainly, I just wanted to start writing again!  So as I’ve been building this site, my mantra has been “Done is better than perfect.”


So it’s done.. enough to get going! Yay!!

If you had bookmarked my previous blog, or subscribed to it, first of all- Thanks!  I sure hope you’ll subscribe, or bookmark this one, right now!

There’s a bar across the top of the page where you can learn more about me, about this blog, and you can contact me.  I really hope you’ll join in on my conversations about Type 1 Diabetes and leave comments on any posts that you have a reaction to.