A Good Night

My night time blood sugars don’t always look like this, but when they do, it means I’ve slept well.

my Dexcom graph from last night. which i just might frame!

Last night, I was somehow able to go to sleep with my blood sugar right at around 100 and yet, it didn’t drop too low and demand a snack.  I would love to know the secret formula to recreate this every single night!

Just as a side note, you can see on my Dexcom graph how my bs popped up from around 70 mg/dL to 100 around 9am.  That was caused from just getting up and at ’em.  No food. Ok, actually 2 cashews, which is not that carb heavy.  I usually eat a couple of nuts because for some reason, I prefer to drink water after eating a couple of nuts. And I know it’s important to hydrate first thing in the morning after sleeping all night.  I have read that you snore and breathe out a lot of water while sleeping.  Sounds gross, but it’s just a human thing. Everyone does it.  I’m not drooling in some out-of-control way anymore than the next guy.

Although I do drink water first thing in the morning, I skip “breakfast”.  But I don’t think of it as skipping breakfast… I just delay when I break my fast until around lunchtime.  It’s also known as intermittent fasting. And it’s been working really well for me since I started doing it about 6 months ago. But I’ll save that blog post for next time!

Like I said, my over night blood sugar graph doesn’t always look like this.  But when it does, I have to show somebody. So thank you for indulging me!

How a Post-Meal Walk Effects My Blood Sugar

A post meal walk almost always lowers my blood sugar.  But in varying degrees that are sometimes unpredictable or at least, not obvious.

Last night, I ate Thai food at a restaurant we go to frequently enough, that I know (usually) exactly how much insulin I need to take, to have a happy result with my blood sugar post-meal.

Like I said:  usually.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it? When it comes to diabetes and blood sugar control, what works perfect sometimes, even most of the time, can for whatever reason miss the mark completely another time.

And so was the case with last night’s Pad Thai Woon Sen.  I went to dinner with my dad, my brother, and Fermin.  We were sitting around after dinner, and my Dexcom started alarming me.  I have it set to start nagging me at 150 mg/dL, so when it first started buzzing, I figured my insulin just needed a little more time to get in there and start battling it out with the carbs.  But the alarms continued, and the trend graph was going nearly straight up. By the time I got home, it had risen to about 230 mg/dL. CRAP.

Once my blood sugar gets over about 170 mg/dL, it becomes more challenging to get it down around 100mg/dL. Which is why I was planning on a taking extra insulin PLUS taking brisk walks with each of my dogs.  But I was in such a hurry to get out the door and walk, I realized I forgot to take my shot.

I figured I’d just take it when I dropped off Lucy and grabbed Ricky for his walk.

IMG_1105 2
Lucy and Ricky are always up for a walk with me~ What a great support system these two are!

So Lucy and I went on our very brisk walk for about 20 minutes. It was easy to walk fast, because it was already dark into the night, and honestly, I didn’t feel 100% safe for some reason.  I saw an opposum, and I heard the clanging collar of another dog that I couldn’t see at first.  Luckily, once I did see the dog, I also saw that it was attached to a leash and a person. But those things made me feel a little edgy and kept us walking at a brisk pace.

And it felt great.  When Lucy and I got home, my Dexcom was showing 153 with an arrow pointing straight down. That was a big fall in just 20 minutes time, so I decided not to take anymore insulin. That drop was a little shocking, and not typical for me at all. I figured I might be able to get it down around 80-100mg/dL with a second walk with Ricky.

And that’s close to how it turned out.

IMG_1359 2
Look at that big drop that happened in less than an hour! I ate around 7pm, and went on a walk around 9pm. That walked dropped by blood sugar about 100 mg/dL in 40 minutes time!

I think my glucometer actually said I was at 106 mg/dL by the time I got home from my second walk.  I was happy with that, so I took my bath, and called it a day around 11pm. However, later in the night, once I had gone to sleep, I was having a slow upward trend that eventually got well above my 150mg/dL marker.  I ended up taking a shot, going back to sleep, and it was around 85mg/dL when I woke up in the morning.

I don’t really know what that was all about.  All of it was weird and a little out of the ordinary. But anyone who has Type 1 learns that you can never get things figured out so that one formula works every time.  It just doesn’t work that way at all.

As an example, today I ate lunch and took my insulin.  My blood sugar started to get up around 140 about an hour and a half after I ate.  So, I did something similar to what I did last night… I took my dogs on brisk walks.  And I actually walked a little further this time. I walked each dog for about 30 minutes.  And look!  Although it went down some, which I was hoping for, it was nothing like last night!

IMG_1366 (1)
I ate around 12:30, and went for an hour walk around 3, as shown on this graph. This time, my blood sugar moved at a more gradual pace.

Ahhh, the mysteries of diabetes! It definitely keeps me guessing, and trying to figure it out.  Just when I start to feel cocky and think I’ve got it, it changes it’s game.  But I will never give up!th-1