The Only Complaint I’ve EVER Had About Dexcom…

Let me start this post by saying I love Dexcom.  99% of anything I have to say about the company and the product they make is positive.  I’ve written numerous blog posts about how Dexcom has positively impacted my life with Type 1 Diabetes, so please scroll back if you’d like to know about that!

There is just one thing that bothers me.


I was talking to a Dexcom rep the other day, because I had gotten a new iPhone and had a question about setting up the app.  During the conversation, I happened to mention that I’d had a sensor fall off a few days earlier than it should have due to me forgetting to add my adhesive I usually put on by about day 3.  I had just forgotten to do it, and as I was pulling off my pants one night, I ripped out my Dexcom.

Towards the end of our conversation about the iPhone app, the representitive asked me again about my previous sensor falling out.  It was not a big thing, and I wasn’t even complaining about it, but that person was a good listener, and cared about customer support.  So he told me they would send me out a new one to replace it.

I don’t fault them for the adhesive… Because it’s a tricky thing.  If I wasn’t in my bathtub so much, and if I wasn’t running around getting sweaty each day, I’d probably be fine without any extra adhesive.  And, if a stickier adhesive came with it, it might be hard on the customers with sensitive skin.  I’ve heard Dexcom will eventually come out with various options for people with varying “adhesive needs”.

But I was happy when the Dexcom rep said they would be sending out a new sensor for me because, as we all know, these diabetic supplies don’t come cheap!  So yeah, Dexcom!  Bring it!

And they did.

but.  and notice, it’s just a little but…

all this packaging for one little sensor?

The small sensor, for whatever reason, had to be mailed out in the Dexcom cardboard box that typically holds 4 sensors.  And that cardboard box had to be wrapped with bubble wrap and put in an even larger FedEx box for shipping.  And that seems awfully wasteful.  But it is a medical supply, and I’m sure it’s important that it arrive to me undamaged and all.  So I get it, and I know the intention is great, but it seems a little over the top.

All companies need to think about their packaging and how much waste is involved.  I love Dexcom.  But I love trees and the environment too.