Dexcom G5 New Display Device

I suspect, like so many, I’m ordering up all my diabetes supplies and prescriptions as the year comes to an end.  I’ve hit my insurance deductible so prices are very affordable for me now.  But come January, that will change.

So, it was time to order a new Dexcom receiver this month.  When I ordered it, I asked for the pink option, as I always do.  I’m a girl that loves pink.  But in this case, it’s beyond just a color preference.  Having something that was a bright color, rather than black, made it so much easier to find, down in the depths of the black hole, also known as my purse. But the Dexcom rep told me they no longer made it in black.  We talked about how maybe I could just put some decorative tape on it or something. Although I was disappointed they did away with the pink option, it was not a big deal.

But what sort of was a big deal- at least to me- was opening up my new receiver and seeing that it has been totally transformed.  Nobody mentioned anything about that when I had called Dexcom.

Here’s the low down down on the changes to the Dexcom receiver, which is actually now called the “display device”.

First of all, I’m happy to report, the Dexcom rep was wrong regarding the pink not being an option.  I won’t have to buy tape or anything else to make my black receiver pink.  It comes with a pink, blue, and black case.  Options! Even better than before.

a black, pink, and blue case come with the latest dexcom G5 display device

Here is a side by side view of the older model compared to the new.

new Dexcom display device v. previous Dexcom receiver

As you can see, the new one is slightly bigger, but that’s because the screen provides a display very similar to the iPhone.  In fact, here is the new receiver next to my iPhone.  It’s about the same size if you cut off an inch from the top of the iPhone.

Dexcom G5 display device, next to an iPhone 7

Also similar to the iPhone, the Dexcom receiver is now a functioning touch screen.  However, you can’t turn it horizontally to view more data like you can with a smart phone. And although you can enter in data, like how many units of insulin you have taken, it doesn’t show up on the graph like it does on the smart phone. (So why would I bother entering it?)

It comes with a charger that has a lime green cable.  I love that they made it easy to differentiate that cord from the plethora of others we have piling up in our house for so many different devices.

the lime green charging cable is so easy to find in a pile of cords

I know a lot of people don’t even use a Dexcom receiver, and instead just opt to get the information from their smart phone.  I’ve remained a fan of the receiver tho- I like that I can push less buttons and quickly get the information I need- Like, for example, during a yoga class.  I don’t want people to think I’m texting, but if I used my iPhone to access my Dexcom, I think assumptions might be made.

As before, you can view your current blood sugar number by hitting one button on the Dexcom display device.  However, to do anything more, you’re required to hit a button twice to fully unlock your display device.  This is new, and I don’t know why it’s a good thing.  But I’m sure there’s a reason they did it like that.

The main thing I wish Dexcom had thought of- and if they had asked me first, I would have begged them for this- would be some kind of GPS so that when I misplace my  display device, I can locate it with my iPhone.  I’ve been saying it needs that feature ever since the G5 came out!

The change in the receiver/display is pretty insignificant overall and I hope they didn’t spend much money on the changes.  While the display IS nicer (but not that important to me), the device is larger (and smaller IS important to me). Oh well.  None of these changes were a big deal.  I’m way more interested in the next insertion device they roll out– soon, hopefully!

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