Diet Coke is My B*tch

First- I would like to begin this post by saying:

I know Diet Coke is apparently a terrible thing.  I read the posts on Facebook about the dangers of Aspartame. But like a heroin junkie, I just can’t give it up.  I have  tried to quit.  Numerous times.  But little by little, it sneaks it’s way back into my life.  It starts with a, “Oh, I’ll just have it this once with popcorn,” when I’m at the movie theater.  The next thing you know, I’m indulging when I’m out eating pizza because it goes so good with pizza.  Then, I’m allowing it when I eat Mexican food too. And then, the next thing you know, I’m back on the sauce.  Daily.

While on vacation this past week, I had a lot of time to sit around and think. And I kept thinking about Diet Coke.  I kept thinking how it just doesn’t seem like something I should be putting into my body as regularly as I do. I eat a pretty healthy diet… but that damn Diet Coke. Not only does it contain unhealthy chemicals, but for some reason, for me at least, I crave it the most paired with unhealthy, salty foods. I’m sure Diet Coke my worst vice.

So, I decided I would cut down on my diet soft drink consumption, and possibly cut it out completely (we’ll see…), once I got back to real life.

Well, here I am.  First day back from vacation. Back to real life. And really… I’m cutting down.

But tonight— was Mexican food.  (…to celebrate our return from our vacation in Mexico, which didn’t have Tex-Mex, and tonight I was craving it!)  And as stated before, Diet Coke tastes so good with  (unhealthy, salty) Tex-Mex.  So how could I not treat myself completely?

When the waiter brought my Diet Coke out, it looked a little funny.  Very light in color and a few too many bubbles.  I know my Diet Coke.  Especially at Mariano’s, one of my favorite and most frequented Tex-Mex spots here in Dallas.  And this is not it’s normal look.  Or taste!  Something was off.

A little too light, a little too bubbly.

So I told the waiter it didn’t taste right, and he offered to bring me another from their other fountain machine. The second Diet Coke came out looking much the same.  And tasting just as weird.

Ok, so this IS the same photo. But the two Diet Cokes pretty much looked the same, and I forgot to photograph both of them. Both: a little too light, a little too bubbly.

I told our server I would just have ice water instead.  I then said to my husband, “Maybe this is the Universe’s way of telling me not to drink Diet Coke tonight.  I was planning on really cutting down on it anyway.”

So there you go.  I was drinking ice water, and I felt good about it. Thanks, Universe! 🙂

But then.

But then the manager showed up with a new, slightly darker and less bubbly, more normal looking Diet Coke.  She told me that earlier in the day, someone had accidentally combined the Coke and Diet Coke in the fountain machine, but then they cleared the line, and now, finally, it was back to normal.

Oh what?!  I’m a diabetic, so actually if that was a real Coke that’s really something I need to know.”

She assured me, “Oh no! No, no, no.  Much earlier in the day it had Coke in it.  But yours didn’t.  No worries.”

But I did have some worries…

Although I drank a little of that new Diet Coke, I didn’t drink all of it.  Or even that much of it.  I told Fermin that if my blood sugar spikes, the Diet Coke would be the culprit.

I know that when I eat Tex-Mex, I don’t get a quick rise in my blood sugar.  I usually get a rise about 3 to 4 hours later.  I think the fat and protein must jack things around.  But this is what my trend line looked like from that “meal”… I took my insulin at about 6:25pm at home, and got my Coke about 30 minutes later…


See how my blood sugar has an immediate blast off, with just a few sips of my drink?  I’m pretty sure the Universe was trying to tell me not to drink that “Diet” Coke after all.  Why didn’t I listen to the Universe and ignore the restaurant manager?

Diet Coke and the drinkers of all diet drinks are all too common.  Most servers don’t take it seriously that it really needs to be DIET for someone like me, that takes insulin based on how many carbohydrates I’m consuming.  They just think I’m some silly girl that eats fattening Mexican food, and likes to make herself feel better by ordering a Diet Coke.  It’s probably how people with Celiac disease have to contend with the importance of emphasizing that a dish be gluten free- as in absolutely none at all, even cross-contamination.  For people with Celiac, it’s not just a trendy thing to cut gluten out of their diet… They have to or they will really suffer.

Anyway, I’ve now injected more insulin.  The Dexcom graph is looking a little better.  But this really annoys me.  If that Diet Coke likely had sugar in it, or if there was even a chance, I’d prefer complete honesty so I can do what I need to do!

Maybe the bottom line is this:

It’s not so much that restaurant manager that led me wrong.  It was me!  I ignored my instinct to not drink that weird looking Diet Coke tonight.  My addiction won tonight.  But it was a good lesson for tomorrow…





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I'm a dog-lovin', music-makin', jewelry-creatin', lover of life... and I just happen to have Type 1 diabetes. I think of it diabetes as my sometimes challenging friend, who sometimes frustrates me, but overall~ I know she's a weird kind of blessing.

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