Let’s Not Get Overly Alarmed Over this Dexcom Recall

By now, anyone who uses a Dexcom CGM has most likely received a certified letter regarding the problems with alarm on the display device.  I got mine about  a month ago.  Some of the display devices have an unreliable alarm. I followed the instructions to check mine, and as I already knew, it works just fine.  I thought it was nice that Dexcom was going to all of this trouble about something that for me at least, isn’t even a big deal.  In the letter, they also said they had alerted the FDA about what was going on.  I felt like Dexcom was being very cautious and doing right by all of their customers.

Then yesterday I saw this FDA recall announcement, which might just look alarming to some…FullSizeRender 2Especially that part that says this is a Class 1 recall, “The most serious type of recall.  Relying on this device may cause serious injury or death.”  That is pretty dramatic. You can read the full FDA post here.

But can I please voice my two cents about all of this?

First of all, the “brains” of the Dexcom system have not been recalled.  Most people who use the Dexcom 5 use their iPhone as their display device.  I like to use both, during different circumstances.  And although my alarm does work on the Dexcom device, it’s about the least important thing the Dexcom provides for me anyway.  I usually try my best to silence all alarms. I look at my Dexcom display very often during the day, so I don’t need an alarm going off when my blood sugar gets out of range.  At night, I prefer my iPhone as the alarm anyway because I have a choice of alarm sounds, and I can adjust the volume. (Calmer, and quieter for me, please.)

So yes, they’re recalling all of the Dexcom display meters, and asking that everyone check to make sure theirs in working order.  But I have a feeling, the majority of them are just fine.  And the as for the ones that aren‘t working, Dexcom will send out a replacement.

So really? What more can we ask of a company?  If there seem to be any problems, they alert the public.  The alert the FDA. And they make amends.

Dexcom has changed my life for the better, and given me far better control over my blood sugar than I ever thought possible.  I can’t imagine ever going back to life without my Dexcom.

Check out this recent article that not only talks about this current alarm problem, but also the exciting updates.  This recall is just a hiccup. Dexcom still has my gratitude and support.


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