My Humps- From My Dexcom.

Like most Dexcom (G5) users, I try to wear one sensor as long as possible to save a little money.  Usually I can get to just under two weeks before it starts to a. have wonky readings or b. become itchy and irritable at the insertion site or c. it just falls off due to lack of good adhesion.

But since moving from (humid) Texas to (dry) Colorado, I seem to be able to keep it in a bit longer, because I’m only dealing with 1 of those 3 challenges.  I think my skin is dryer now, and so the adhesion seems to last longer.  Bad for aging, good for Dexcom usage.

I was able to wear my last sensor nearly 3 weeks!  Finally, because my readings were getting more and more off, I decided adhesion or not, it was time to switch it out for a new one.

I noticed a red bump where the little wire inserts looked bigger and more angry than usual.  Usually, I don’t even notice it.  Or if I do, it’s gone the next day.  But the little red bump was actually more of a lump.  I can feel a weird hardness underneath my skin that feels like it has a diameter of at least 1/2 an inch.

I’ve heard some people can get a whole month out of their sensors, but I don’t know how they’re doing it without this weird and unattractive lump reaction. I guess like with just about everything else when it comes to T1, everybody is different.

So my new personal rule for how often to change my insertion site is every 2 weeks.  These are not  the sexy humps Fergie was referring to at all.


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