My Motivation

Continuing with the #happydiabetic challenge for Diabetes Awareness month…

Today, I’ll make it brief and say, my motivation for taking care of myself is to have the longest life with my husband, Fermin that I possibly can.

As I get older, and am most likely at least to the half way mark on life, I realize more and more how precious each day of life is- and how lucky I am to have my health totally in tact right now. I hope to not only live a long life, but to also a healthy one, up until the very end of it.

Many things we can’t control.  Crazy and unexpected things can happen, and I realize that.  But the things I can control, like my blood sugar?  HELL YES!

I’m going to do everything I can to make this the very best life.

Author: kerriari

I'm a dog-lovin', music-makin', jewelry-creatin', lover of life... and I just happen to have Type 1 diabetes. I think of it diabetes as my sometimes challenging friend, who sometimes frustrates me, but overall~ I know she's a weird kind of blessing.

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