My T1 Diabetes Blog. Reboot.

When I first began this blog about Type 1 Diabetes, although it had the same title, it was a Blogger blog.  I got a good amount of traffic in the beginning, and I felt like what I was writing was helping some people, and creating some great conversation among fellow Type 1 diabetics.  And that was my whole intention.

I thought switching to my own domain, and using the blog would give me better ownership of my content, and seem more legit.  But something got lost along the way during that transition.

boo hoo

I guess I just lost the momentum I had at the beginning. I started getting a lot of bogus comments from robots in the middle of the night. (Apparently, that’s a common problem for WordPress users) I got less feedback from real people than I did at my previous blog address.  I wasn’t sure how to promote my blog and get the readers that had found me the first time around to jump over to this new blog address with me.

I also started to feel like there were only so many posts I could write about insulin and glucometers and my beloved Dexcom. I felt like maybe I had said all I had to say on the topic of diabetes management.

I became frustrated and I decided this blog didn’t really matter to anyone anyway.

Actually, I’ve been re-thinking my pity party.

I’ve had diabetes for most of my adult life.  Something like 22 years.  And I think I have a pretty good handle on how to keep it under control, most of the time.  It’s a lot more complicated than just taking insulin and counting carbs to keep things in balance.  It’s recognizing patterns, it’s dealing with hormones, and emotions, and sleep, and workouts, and!, and!, and the list goes on. All of the things I do for my health- my physical, emotion, mental and even spiritual health- ALL OF IT, has at least some effect on my diabetes.

So I feel rejuvenated to begin again with this blog. I realize now that I can broaden the scope. I won’t just be writing about insulin and blood sugars.  I hope by posting regularly, I can find consistent readers who are also interested in choosing to live a happy and healthy lifestyle with an auto-immune disease like Type 1 Diabetes. Whether it’s in the comment section, or in sharing posts with friends, or in directly emailing me, I appreciate any and all conversation with you!

I’ll be posting on a regular weekly basis. Please subscribe so you won’t miss anything.  Thank you SO MUCH for visiting My Type 1 Diabetes Blog.

Author: kerriari

I'm a dog-lovin', music-makin', jewelry-creatin', lover of life... and I just happen to have Type 1 diabetes. I think of it diabetes as my sometimes challenging friend, who sometimes frustrates me, but overall~ I know she's a weird kind of blessing.

10 thoughts on “My T1 Diabetes Blog. Reboot.”

  1. I’m new to you but thought you had something to say and that you wrote well and so I subscribed. I would be surprised if my initial impression does not hold true as nothing is static about diabetes — whether it is riding the daily personal variations or addressing the fast-changing technology. I suspect you will reach a broad audience with your insights and experience. Thank you.

    1. thank you so much for subscribing, David- and you’re right- there should always be something to say when it comes to living a healthy life with type 1! thanks for being a part of the conversation.

  2. Blog 2.0! Congratulations–I think it’s a great idea.

    I’ve only been living with with Celiacs for two years and so far, the most frustrating thing is trying to get people to understand that it’s an autoimmune disease and not just some whim that I’m not going to eat gluten anymore. They don’t understand that when eating gluten, even if I didn’t have any symptoms, I’d still be destroying my intestines on the inside. It’s almost fortunate that I *do* have terrible symptoms because knowing what can happen is what makes it easy for me to say no to cake and bread and donuts and all those gluten-filled products that I love. It’s just not worth it to have even just a little bite because I know what’s to follow. I have a lot of friends who just don’t get that.

    Good luck with your new blog venture!

    1. That pain is REAL, Valerie. I TOTALLY get that.
      People who don’t have it think they understand it, b/c they’ve heard just enough to be MISinformed. The little they know about diabetes is usually Type 2, not Type 1. Same goes for you, I’m sure, with the gluten.
      You might need to write a guest post about this for me!!! That would be awesome.
      Thank you so much for leaving this comment. And as always, for being a great cheerleader in my life.

  3. YAY! Glad you are back at it! You write beautifully, and we can all learn from each other. Even if it’s just reminders about the daily decisions in living with T1D! 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you’ve decided to continue posting. Our son was diagnosed about a year ago and we just dropped him off for college in Richardson a few weeks ago. It’s nice to read about your experiences with diabetes as well as the regular everyday events because it gives me hope that my son can lead a joyful life like yours.

    1. Hi Jaime- Thanks for stopping by the blog and for leaving me the nice message. I grew up in Dallas, went to Richardson school’s. I hope your son enjoys his time there. And yes- FOR SURE, T1 will not slow your son down from having a great life! I’m always, always here to offer support and encouragement whenever you (or he) need it! 🙂

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