Nudging Blood Sugars Along… Thanks to Dexcom

DEXCOM G5 xoxo

I love my Dexcom so much.  I mention it on this blog often. It allows me to nudge my blood sugars in the right direction whenever things get a little off track.

In the days prior to having a CGM, if I remembered, I would check my blood sugar with my glucometer about 2 hours after eating, as advised by my endocrinologist.  It gave me a little information, but not a lot.  I didn’t know if my blood sugar was still trending up, if it had stabilized, or if it was falling.

I rarely bothered with a correction dose if my blood sugar was a little high. Or even a lot high.  I’d just check it again before my next meal a few hours later and regroup at that point.  It was a lot of highs and lows…a rollercoaster that was not very fun!

These days, it’s a whole lot different and a whole lot better.  I’ve learned to use the Dexcom to a great advantage!

As an example…

Yesterday, I ate lunch around noon.  And oh, yes!  It was delicious.  I had a hamburger from this yummy local spot called Diggs.  They “dig” out part of the bun to allow space for the toppings of your choice.  I dig away even more to get rid of some of the unnecessary carbs. But I digress…

Before my hamburger, I pre-bolused my insulin, about 25-30 minutes before eating.  Then, about an hour after I ate, I noticed on my Dexcom, my blood sugar was steadily trending up.  I knew since I had a lot of protein, this upwards trend would most likely continue if I didn’t do something about it.  (I know protein does that to me, because I’ve noticed this based on lots of meals!)  But I also knew I still had short acting insulin working away, trying to battle things out.

I thought about taking a small amount of extra insulin.  But then I looked outside, noticed the rain had stopped, and looked over at my Ricky Ricardo.

Ricky says a walk is always a good idea!

We talked things over, and we decided we’d go on a brisk walk,  between raindrops, and then see what my blood sugar looked like.

It wasn’t long before my trend line changed it’s direction. And Ricky’s tongue was hanging out.  And the sky was starting to darken once again.  So it seemed the perfect time to head home.


I thought I had it made.  But before too long, that little trend line was heading up again…


But the good news was, the rain wasn’t heavy at all, and I had another friend that wanted her turn to walk with me!

“Take me! Take me!” said Lucy.

Lucy and I walked (fast!) for about 30 minutes.  I think that walk kept my blood sugar from rising higher, but it never really brought it down near 100 which is ideal for me.

Once I saw that my blood sugar was stuck around 135/140, (which isn’t bad but not as low as I’d like it once I’m sure all my fast insulin is out of my system), I took a very small correction dose and then things slid in the right direction.

Back in my happy range!

I know that walking helps the insulin I have taken really get going and do it’s job usually.  I was lucky, because I had a flexible schedule yesterday. I’d rather try a walk first, and then if necessary, take insulin if my blood sugar is still higher than my target range.  Of course, I can’t always do it this way, but it is ideal.

The rest of the day, things stayed steady.  I find that if I just nudge my blood sugars here and there, slightly up and slightly down, it’s so much easier than once I’m really chasing things down (in either direction). I owe it to Dexcom for giving me the ability to handle things this way.

And I thank my two best friends, for always being willing to take a walk with me!

The Cheerleaders: Lucy
and Ricky!

Author: kerriari

I'm a dog-lovin', music-makin', jewelry-creatin', lover of life... and I just happen to have Type 1 diabetes. I think of it diabetes as my sometimes challenging friend, who sometimes frustrates me, but overall~ I know she's a weird kind of blessing.

4 thoughts on “Nudging Blood Sugars Along… Thanks to Dexcom”

  1. Yes! We use this “technique”, minus the dog walking, for our four year old. Dr.Ponder’s method of Sugar Surfing has taught us to micro carb or micro bolus to keep BG much more level. The impact on A1c is amazing. Learning to use Dex to watch impact of certain foods and effects of exercise is invaluable in D management!

    1. Oh yes! I have The Sugar Surfing book as well. I agree… the Dexcom is invaluable. 🙂 Thank you so much for leaving a comment on the blog. I really appreciate it.

  2. i love your stories and they sound just like mine. thanks for all the good advice.
    my cousin has exactly the same 2 dogs as yours. beautiful.
    sadly my dog passed away in oct. 2016 i miss her terribly. i am back in school and almost done so i hope after that to get another dog.
    will look for your advise.
    sometimes i am not really sure how much insulin to take for a meal and i just guess..usually
    sue g

    1. hi sue! oh, i’m SO sorry about your dog. it’s so hard losing them. 🙁 i hope you do get to get another soon. previously, we had two huskies, which lived to be 15. (put down on the same day!! it was horrible) i mourned that for a few months but then i found lucy and ricky and they filled that achy hole up with love!!! i think you gotta give yourself time to grieve, but then get another friend to pass that love on to!
      all we can really do it guess with the insulin- b/c there is no formula that works consistently anyway! that’s why i love having a CGM so i can make my best guess, and then make adjustments as needed.
      thx for leaving the comment today, sue!

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