Biggest Supporters

Day 6 of the #HappyDiabeticChallenge: “Biggest Supporter”

The obvious answer could be, FERMIN!, my husband.  Because it’s true- he’s great.  He knows a lot about my diabetes and if I ask him to help me with something related to it, he will. He’s supportive enough.

But you know who is truly the best support team I have?

My loyal companions, Lucy and Ricky.  They support me by walking with me every single day.  Miles and miles and miles and miles.  Rain or shine.  And they’re always happy to do it.  And that daily ritual has a very positive effect on my blood sugars and my sensitivity to insulin.

Also, I’m pretty sure they know when my blood sugar hits an extreme low.  They seem to get up in my face when I’m low. They probably smell a difference in me or something.

If I’m not feeling good, they’re more than happy to lay around with me as long as necessary.

The best companions, and the best supporters a girl could ask for.