My Easy Tip to Reduce Carbohydrate Consumption

Although, I CAN eat anything I want, like any other sensible human being- diabetic or not, I try to be mindful.  I try to eat things in moderation- Especially carbohydrates.  And it doesn’t really matter if it’s cake, potatoes, rice, bread,… Carbs are carbs, as far as my blood sugar is concerned.  All carbohydrates cause my blood sugar to rise.  Depending on the type of carbohydrate, it may spike more quickly, or stick around a little longer, but like I said, carbs are carbs.

By the way, carbs cause everyone’s blood sugar to rise.  Even non-diabetics.  The difference is, a non-diabetic has a functioning pancreas with the ability to squirt out insulin to counterbalance that rise in blood sugar.  (“Squirt” is probably not the most scientific word to use, but I am not a scientist, so it’s okay.) But for me, and the other Type 1 diabetics of the world, whenever we consume carbs, we need to inject synthetic insulin, hoping to mimic what the non-diabetic’s pancreas does naturally.

Here’s how I like to think about the whole carb “situation”.

The less insulin I have to take, the easier it is to not have extreme high and low blood sugars.  And the easier it is to not make a mistake when dosing my insulin.  I believe in that saying “Less is more.”

I know there are many T1s that swear by a strict carbohydrate reduced diet. For me though, just being mindful, and not overdoing it, seems to work best. Why deprive myself of something I love when I just don’t need to?

So, here’s my easy carb-reduction tip of the day if you’re a bread lover, like me.

If there is an option to “skinny” your sandwich (they do this at Which Wich, and Potbelly), do it!  Lots of sandwich places will cut out some of the bread when preparing a sandwich so you end up with about half the bread that would have been there otherwise. I always tear away at even more of the remaining bread, and only eat what is really necessary for me to feel like it’s the perfect balance!

bread 1
this was a “skinny” sandwich, which I made skinnier by tearing off bread edges i really didn’t need

The same goes for anything else with a bread “element”- like a hamburger or pizza.  My husband calls my method of tearing away at the bread on my plate the “Low-Carb Kerri” plan.  I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all, but it certainly reduces what could be consumed if I wasn’t being mindful, and tearing away at what I just don’t need.

bread 2
hamburger bun, reduced by at least 50% by just tearing around the edges as well as tearing away the top bun
what remained of my little pizza once i tore away the crust- at least half of the bread wasn't really necessary
what remained of my little pizza once i tore away the crust- at least half of the bread wasn’t really necessary


As you can see, my carbohydrate reducing method for bread is pretty simple and doesn’t look like I’m depriving myself of much.  And that’s exactly why I don’t mind doing it.