The New Dexcom G5 Display Device (a follow up)

In my last post here, I wrote about the new Dexcom G5 display device that I had just received.  I was lukewarm about the changes that had been made, basically saying it wasn’t better or worse, and I hoped Dexcom didn’t spend much money making the changes.

However, after using it for a few days: I hate it.  I hate it so much I didn’t even bring it with me on a 2 week trip to Colorado.

My main beef is the new larger size.  It’s almost as big as my iPhone.  And like my iPhone, this larger display device doesn’t fit in a lot of my little pockets.

My secondary beef, I don’t like that you have to press 1 and then 2 to unlock the screen to do anything beyond just seeing what your current blood sugar is.  It’s an extra annoying step, and seems pointless.

So the two main changes they Dexcom made to this new device in my opinions were really bad ideas.  And seriously, I’d like to know, who’s idea were these anyway?  I don’t think someone who actually uses it would have wanted a larger thing to carry around all the time, or the unnecessary extra steps of pushing 1 and then 2 all the time.

Dexcom, please- For those of us that still like using the receiver, please bring back the old one.

Author: kerriari

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